Author Topic: Painter Exports White Border Around Metalness Changes  (Read 2121 times)


I seem to have a problem where Painters adds a white border around anything placed on top of a metal that doesn't have the exact same roughness and metalness as the metal underneath, aka. placing dirt on a metal is not possible. In UE4, the white border is much more noticeable than Painter and Designer, but all three do show have this weird border.

This is not an issue with Substance Painter I believe, it's the way metalness works. On the side of your brush stroke, since the transition is not very sharp, you'll have an area that has a grey metallic and a grey diffuse (50% clear metal, 50% dirt). This results in the effect you can see in SD and SP.

It seems though that the result you get in UE4 is very wrong, did you set your roughness and metallic maps to be in Linear mode in UE4?

I have set both the metallic and roughness maps to linear in Unreal, but after playing with the light intensity in Unreal it seems that that was the problem, the bright light was highlighting the "border" and blowing out the colours. First image is painter, second is default Unreal FPS, third is Unreal with a light intensity of 1.


Can you please post a screen shot of the metal map and the base color map?


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Sure thing Wes, I'll put the some pictures and the project in a zip.