Author Topic: Meet MAT 2 contest: Sir MAT (by Ben Cooney)  (Read 6336 times)

I missed the 1st Meet MAT contest but this one is really interesting with the addition of displacement.

My idea is to dress MAT in a shiny suit of armour, becoming Sir MAT!

1st WIP, going well so far

Great start! Good luck with the contest!

mind share the technique you used to apply the armor on the meet mat guy? since highpoly baking is not allowed i am not sure what the approach to create that kind of detail should be  :'(

Sure, if you go into the shader settings in Painter and scroll down you will see the Displacement & Tesselation section.

By Turning up the Scale and Subdivision values you can then use the height channel in your material to deform the mesh and add 3D details like this.

You need to be on at least version 2019.1 and there's probably some hardware requirements for it to work.

There's definitely other things I should be doing but this is just too much fun, who needs Zbrush :D

Very nice ;)

Very Nice!

nice. all that displacement seems to hold up good.
would you mind sharing screenshots of what your height map looks like ?

would you mind sharing screenshots of what your height map looks like ?

Here you go

i like the grass displacement!

Making good progress. Still mainly focused on height maps, I want to add more ornate details once I've shaped everything.

Not 100% sure about this direction for the helmet.

You are fast!

This is really cool!

Contest is over. We have a winner here. Fantastic!

Sweet use of displacement, the grass is working pretty well too!