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I'm using SP 2.4.1 and this script will cause it to crash quite often.  I've been able to get through most of the process by saving after every step but when I go to replace the mask with Bake_B it crashes SP every time, so now I'm stuck at that step.  Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thanks, glade you like it. Hopefully SP will support some much needed scripting functions soon so I can automate the workflow more.

Unfortunately the latest Substance Painter release does not add any meaningful scripting changes which NormalFix can use.

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I'm in Painter 2.5.3 and there's no more way to generate the mask, right  :-\ ? The generator used in your script (Called Bake_B) is outdated and I can't seem to find any equivalent now (in your video it's called normal_bake_blend) ?
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I haven't tried it in the latest SP version yet, but all Substance Designer source files are included, so it should be possible to re-compile it with the latest SD version.

Hey guys, I was about to post here some issues I was running into, however I read through this thread and found that it was only happening in substance painter viewport.

So anyway I was testing out the skew painting method in Marmoset Toolbag 3 when I found this. So I've done a comparison of normal maps baked and manually fixed in marmoset, with the normal maps baked and automatically fixed with this free plugin from Bit Barrel.

you can see that they are pretty much identical when rendered side by side in Marmoset Toolbag 3. For that I am very happy to have found this plugin.
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Hey Bit Barrel,

I'm in Substance painter 2017 1.0 and this plug in isn't working. Is it working in this version of Painter?

I get an error on map export -

Any specifics on how I should be setting up my texture exports, or my scene?

It keeps asking me for an emissive - I have no idea why or where I would turn that off or disable it - I don't need it....

I'm new to Painter as well.

Attached image with error logs...

The new version which fixes the export errors is under review but you can download it here now:

As for the emission texture, that is not caused by NormalFix. It looks like you need to add the following channels to your texture set:
Ambient Occlusion

You can do this by going to the TextureSet Settings panel and clicking on the + sign on top to add a channel. If you don't need those maps, you can just ignore the warnings.

Right on! Thank you for your help and timely response!

[ENG]  - You can bake a non average map, create a layer for it and put it there under the mask, then bake the average normal map, and also put it in the fill layer, normal mixing: replace. You can get a combined normal map (average and non average in one NM). If you have a large model, then alas - you have to do a little editing with your hands.

[RU]  - Вы можете запечь не усреднённую карту нормалей, создать для нее слой и поместить её туда под маской, затем запечь усреднённую карту нормалей, и также поместить её в слой заливки, normal mixing: replace. Получите комбинированную карту нормалей (усреднённую и не усреднённую в одной КН). Если у вас большая модель, то увы - вам придется немного поработать "кулачком"...

Thanks! Had a model with some thing metal page/panels on it. This method worked very well,  but realized after that this script was around. Thanks for all the explanations and videos!