Author Topic: Baking has lost a feature? How to have unique dilation values per baker?  (Read 255 times)

So I'm now on 2019.3.0.

I've only just upgraded and in my previous version there was a tick box to "Override parameters common to all bakers"  .. so I could use different dilation widths, select specific UV maps, turn diffusion on and off and various other settings for each baker. 

This seems to of vanished which is kind of a shame as it was an essential part of my workflow and allowed me to get the baking passes all done quickly in one go. Have I just overlooked it or has it really been removed? 

Some of those features are suggested in the Bakers Render List but they can't be edited, except globally, so seem pointless.


You can double click on the cell to change the setting for a specific baker.

However the dilation/diffusion setting is global, can you explain why you'd like this setting to be overridden per baker ?
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Being available in the earlier versions it bacame part of my workflow.

I got into the habit of doing multiple bakes and having an action in PS to combine them. Do do this I'd output some bakers without difusion and save them as a png with transparancy. These would then be loaded and used to create specific masks for combining specific elements in specific orders (usually via ID colour). All done via PS actions so as automated as we could.

There's probably better ways of doing it now but it was the easiest way we could find to do it quickly back in the day and until we stop producing DLC I need to keep doing it this way.

Thanks for the tip about double clicking.  I've just updated to 2020 and am finding lots of unexpected changes that are causing a few surprises.

Can you explain why you removed this functionality?

We have changed the baker UI design quite some time ago, the goal was to simplify the process and also make some place for the 2D View. We asked a bunch of users if it was really useful to disable the padding per baker and we took the decision accordingly. Apparently you are the exception ;)

I'd suggest you disable the padding for all bakes, and compute the padding externally. If you blend some baked maps, it makes more sens anyway ? I can provide you with a node that performs the operation.
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Yeah I've always been a bit awkward. I can get round it for now but I'd never turn down a freebie ... thanks.