Author Topic: Useful Features?  (Read 1419 times)


I can see the raw power of Alchemist! I 've been experimenting with creating materials from images - some nice to have (for me at least) are:


+ ability to specify default directory for project files to be saved, rather than have to export after.
+ save layer stack for materials so you can return to edit and tweak
+ confusing that menu item  'save material as' is greyed out when you return to saved material under project


+ I started with a non-square image, and Alchemist made it square distorting it. I sorted this in the UV tiling settings, but on export it's given me a square again, with distorted details. 

Export Size

+ I started with a 6k image, but largest export settings was 4096


+ I wanted to invert the roughness map, but could not do this in the layer stack.

Hope this helps!
Thank you