Author Topic: Which version and how can I use them?  (Read 550 times)


I am 3d artist for more than 10 years. I have never used Substance Painter/Designer, but I am considering to buy license.
What is difference between Substance Painter on and Substance Painter 2020 on Steam?

I also have a question about these licences - can I sell textures (image files) generated from Substance Painter and Designer on Shutterstock or Turbosquid? Do I need to write in description, that they are made with this software?

Hi, both versions are the same, the main difference is that Steam is a perpetual license with free updates for the current year (2020 in this case) while the version on the website is a monthly subscription.

You can freely sell content you create with both versions.

Hi Jeremie,
thank you very much for clarifying that.

Hi Jeremy, why would I buy an annual subcription for $219 if I can get a perpetual license from Steam for around $145?
I can't believe there isn't a difference? For now I am only interested in using Substance Painter. Which license would you buy and why? Please clarify. Thank you! My best, Jac

The license on Steam is only for Substance Painter with free updates for the year 2020. The subscription gives you acces to Painter, Designer, Alchemist, and free downloads on Substance Source.

Can I sell my model with texture exported from Painter, even if I use only smart material as it is? (just apply smart material on my model and exported textures for selling with the model)