Author Topic: Which version and how can I use them?  (Read 82 times)


I am 3d artist for more than 10 years. I have never used Substance Painter/Designer, but I am considering to buy license.
What is difference between Substance Painter on and Substance Painter 2020 on Steam?

I also have a question about these licences - can I sell textures (image files) generated from Substance Painter and Designer on Shutterstock or Turbosquid? Do I need to write in description, that they are made with this software?

Hi, both versions are the same, the main difference is that Steam is a perpetual license with free updates for the current year (2020 in this case) while the version on the website is a monthly subscription.

You can freely sell content you create with both versions.

Hi Jeremie,
thank you very much for clarifying that.