Author Topic: Why does the clone tool flip the green Channel in a normal map?  (Read 198 times)

When I try to use the Clone tool in substance painter to make a tileable texture I offset my UV map. When I start to paint out the seams the normal map flips on the green Channel. I place all the maps on a fill layer and then create add paint effect and set it to passthrough all the other Maps work correctly except for the normal map. Any suggestions?


Thanks for reaching out to us.

I tried to reproduce your issue on my side using the Meetmat but unfortunately I couldn't. Do you think you could send me your project, so I can take a closer look? You can send me a Drive/Dropbox/other link in a private message if you like.

Potentially, the issue could be with some of your UV island if they are flipped.

Do not hesitate to attach a log to your reponse as well.
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Jr Product Designer - Technical Artist