Author Topic: Match by Name bake not working for AO  (Read 907 times)

Just spent 2 hours trying to make match by name working.

It keeps baking ao shadows of other objects.
Naming is correct, otherwise wouldn't bake anything. Match by name is chosen.

Any suggestions?
I have tried obj and fbx as well.

Do I need to have HP models in separate files?
No, it doesn't work neither.

I run out of ideas, why i keep having ao shadows of other objects. Im not a newbie. It used to work in the past. Now it apparently doesn't from whatever reason.

... found it... thanks for adding another useless confusing option wasting peoples time

Why it is not switched automatically when choosing "match by name"? Cheez.... srsly people.
Add the same option hidden in another 5 places. Thats the way to go!
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I split your message into a new thread. No need to bump old topic since it's likely a different problem.
In your case, see:
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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