Author Topic: Crash During Baking  (Read 3683 times)

Substance painter 2019.3.1 crashes when trying to bake mesh maps with many different configurations.
Painter crashes when baking seemingly any resolution of textures from a high poly mesh.
I have unchecked "Enable live preview baking process" and "Enable GPU raytracing" as suggested in the pinned post.
I have tried baking without a high poly mesh referenced, both with and without the "use low poly as high poly" checked. Still crashes.
I was able to successfully bake just a Normal Map on a single texture set without a high poly mesh, but enabling other maps or using a high poly mesh causes SP to crash.

Crash occurs even when using a mesh for which I had previously baked textures and painted on successfully in a previous version of SP.

I am on Windows with CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 and GPU: GeForce RTX 2060 Super

Log file (probably not too useful since it's a crash) and screenshot of baking config attached. I'm trying to attach meshes as well but they may be too large as I'm getting an error.


I have the same. And I need to work.
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
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Same here with Ryzen 3950x and RTX 2080ti.

I've downgraded to 2019.2.3 and it works. So there is an issue with 2019.3 and 2019.3.1
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Getting a crash on bake in 2019.3+ here as well. 2018 versions worked, downgrading to 2019.2.3 now to hopefully get back to work.

Ryzen 3700 & RTX2070 Super.