Author Topic: Normal Baking not finishing - need help!  (Read 1232 times)

I'm trying to bake my normals from a high poly CAD model to my low poly mesh, and it starts to bake fine but never finishes.

I've tried messing with every setting and checking/unchecking every check box.

Any ideas why it's doing this? It says it successfully finishes baking the normals, but it just cuts out and doesn't finish. It's almost like it just gives up and doesn't bake most of the also generates different results every time (attached image - notice how the lines on the left just cut off - should go through the extent of the UV island. Also notice how different results for each attempt at baking)

The only error in the logs is a lack of vertex color data from the high res mesh.

Hello oraclefish,

It indeed appears not all tiles are being baked at each run.

To investigate this issue, we need additional information:
  • Which version of Substance Designer are you using?
  • Is the high poly mesh divided in multiple objects?
  • Does the mesh you are baking include multiple UDIMs?
Also, please export your baking settings to a JSON file, as demonstrated in the attached GIF, and attach this file to a reply in this thread.

Thank you for your time and help!

Best regards.
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Hey Luca,

Thanks for the reply!
That specific project is done - was on a really tight deadline - I just sort of gave up on getting a good bake and baked uglier normals in Blender.

However, I'm getting the same issue on a new project not even baking from a high res mesh (it's not baking the entire occlusion layer - see attached)

I'm on Substance Painter 2019.3.1 Build 3547

The high poly mesh was multiple objects - but in this current issue, I'm not using a high poly mesh.

I am not using multiple UDIMs

I don't see the attached gif showing how to export the baking settings to a JSON file!

Thanks for your help - post the gif, and I'll get you the JSON file!


Thank you for your reply. I have updated my previous message with the attached GIF, I appreciate your patience!

Please note however that the demonstration GIF applies to Substance Designer. You mentioned experiencing the issue in Substance Painter, so I will move this thread to the 'Technical Support' section for that software.

Additionally, please attach your log to a reply in this thread, so that the Substance Painter QA team can look into your software and system environment to investigate the issue.
You will find a quick guide for sharing your log in this page of Substance Painter's documentation.

Best regards.
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