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Hey when you are submitting your work as a student do you only have to check the checkbox where it says student. Also shouldnt there be a place for like student id's and papers? And what should you write on the rendering comment sections?


what time on the fourth does the application form close?
im trying to figure out timezones. Thanks!

I am making a Bluetooth speaker themed Mat, and I was wondering if I would be allowed to use a small image of album art on his display or if that would get me disqualified. Thanks!

I would like to second Rosina's query, please.  I am eight hours off of GMT, so many contests actually end a day early for me.

The extended rules page lists the time zones.

10, Use of any asset that would infringe upon a copyright or any other intellectual property right is prohibited. As such, some artworks (e.g. fan art) may be disqualified from the contest to abide by copyright rules or applicable laws and regulations.

I textured Mat based on a game character. Is this ok or will i get disqualified?
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I have a question, how can I confirm that I uploaded the picture successfully? I clicked the upload button, but nothing happened. After submission, it showed success.
I will try again later.Thanks
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@Vincent I've submitted my entry, but the images have the Mat logo on them. Do I need to resubmit without the logo? Thanks.

Hi! I want to draw a face. Can I draw a base color layer in Photoshop and then add it to Substance Painte?

I seem to have an issue with my submission. I am limited to choosing just one additional render aside from the mandatory ones. Is anyone else running into this issue. The rules say that we can add up to 3 additional ones but in the submission form I can only chose one file.

"So I have submitted my meet matt, sadly on the first try, the upload button did not confirm the upload.
This is the reason why I have submitted it again, will that lead to disqualification regardless of nothing being changed on the form besides uploading the files correctly this time."

" You cannot cancel a submission, but you can make a new one : we’ll take into account the most recent one.  "
 I think this answers my question.
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Guys I have an ultra quick question of the last minute, if I export the curvature and edit it in photoshop since it can't be directly edited in Substance (in PS I'm just adding a black/white stencil into a part of the model, actually it is also the same stencil/alpha I imported into Substance Painter for other uses), is this legit for the contest or do I get disqualified?
Just to know because my MAT is ready and also rendered (and uploaded duh), but this doubt came to my mind, in case I would work-around this at the speed of light and re-submit!

Many thanks in advance!

I noticed that the cameras film sizes in the sample and in the fbx file are different. Same views do not match.
For some reason, I work with fbx file instead of a sample in the latest version of Painter. Could this be a problem for submission?

mmm weird, but if it's on our side, it won't be a problem

Hi, im trying to create my entry for the contest but im having this problem, in the part where you upload the renders, in Other optional renders, when i press the choose file button, windows is only allowing me to choose 1 render, but i want to upload 3 extra renders, which is not possible, what can i do ? thanks.

Just place your image into a zip file ;)

Can I use fonts for marking on the banknote texture I created if they are delivered under a free public access license? Or is it better to use standard fonts that are available in Substance Designer or Substance Painter?

No problem to use another font