Author Topic: Running Substance on 2 hard drives/one computer  (Read 179 times)

I was running Substance on Win 7. I had a BIOS computer issue awhile back, and my system was down for several months. Finally had it fixed, and I now have another hard drive with Win 10, in adddition to the one running 7. A dual boot. My question is, can I have Substance installed on both drives without an issue? It's still just a single computer. That wouldn't be considered 2 seats, would it?


That's fine but you should know that Windows 7 is now unsupported with newer version of Substance painter.

Thanks Jeremie. I'm slowly bringing everything over to the Win 10 drive, but still currently using 7 also. Just wanted to make sure I didn't have to uninstall on 7 before I could install on 10.