Author Topic: Since 2019.3.1 Mouse sensitivity stopped working without Windows Ink checked  (Read 381 times)


Since 2019.3.1, Mouse sensitivity stopped working in Substance painter without Windows Ink checked.
I tried to go back to 3.0 and the problem persists...

Windows Ink makes the slides menus lag, it's unbearable to work with it.
All colleagues that installed 3.1 have the same problem, so I told the others to not upgrade to 3.1

Right now I have to turn on and off windows Ink for when I need Sensitivity, it's not a great way to work...

(I had the same problem with Photoshop and tweaking the PSUserConfig.txt fixed it.
Is there a tweak for Substance painter?)

(I already unchecked "press and hold" and other shenanigans for the pen, of course)


(wacom driver is up to date: 6.3.38-2)

Louis Pothier
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We now have a documentation page with recommended settings to configure Windows Ink and make it compatible with Substance Painter :

If you still have issues after following those recommendations, please post :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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