Author Topic: QML changes in 2019.3  (Read 80 times)

I had a pretty extensive custom QML UI built for a custom shader that runs correctly in 2019.2.  When I upgraded to 2019.3 it  is failing with some unhelpful warnings in the log.  I don't see any QML changes listed in the release notes for 2019.3.  Were there changes made that would explain why things stopped working?

Our QML library was modified to follow the new guidelines from Qt. The scripting documentation was updated to reflect these changes. It should have no impact on your plugins, and the use of our QML library is fully compatible between 2019.2.x and 2019.3.x versions.
The new version of Qt introduces new warnings and errors. Most error message should be clear enough. However, if you need help fixing these warnings, feel free to reach out to me.

Okay I've narrowed down the different results I get in 2019.2 versus 2019.3 and it's very weird.  On 2019.2 my custom shader and custom qml ui both work correctly.  On 2019.3 my shader loads without error but my custom UI fails to load any of the parameters.
I reverted my shader back to an older version and in 2019.3 the custom UI started working again.  Then I started merging in data from the newest version of the shader piece by piece and reloading to see when the UI would break.  Once I get to a file length of 2525 lines of code in the shader, I get this error in the log "[Plugin - customUI/cloud_chamb...] Cannot read property 'description' of null" and the parameters don't load into the custom UI. 
If I remove one line so the length is 2524, it works correctly.  I'm testing with the extra lines just being simple comments "\\" to make sure it's not related to the code itself, and if I add one more past 2524, all parameters fail to load into a custom UI.