Author Topic: Animated Substance Designer shader in maya vray  (Read 1027 times)

Hi there,
I've created a few animated shaders using a bunch of bitmaps, fx nodes and functions in various parameters of other nodes like blends etc.. I can get them to play fine in Substance Player but they are unrecognized by the substance node in maya. As it's the first time I've tried to import an animated shader into maya I'm wondering if it's even possible or if I have to export a sequence of maps from Substance Player. Does anyone have any experience with this? The shader would be triplanar projected if it worked on 3 different geos in maya with totally different uv sets.

Any normal sbsar input, besides strings, etc. can be keyframed in the Maya animation editors. An animated material will typically expose the $time/time input, which you can keyframe.
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