Author Topic: Using Substance with IPad Pro  (Read 5841 times)


I have never used Substance but I'm curious if there's a solid way to run the different Substance softwares via some kind of screen doubling or remote desktop sollution on the iPad Pro? Since I already own an iPad and Apple Pencil it would be great if it was possible.
Worst case I'll have to use an old Wacom Bamboo, but I'd rather not.

Thanks in advance!

No, that's not possible at the moment.

With the new release of Substance painter and designer on steam, You have VERY Limited Access using the Steam Link App. Its very restricted but only really made me want this more.

Give EasyCanvas a try. Very responsive over usb if your computer is up to it. Supports pressure, tilt, and multi-touch - with auto-switching between pencil and fingers, but not both at once. Also, screen mirroring only, so borders on one of your screens, but the interface with win 10 is very smooth.

Feature support varies a bit between applications. Most work brilliantly.
Versions of painter prior to 2019.3 have limited support - pencil basically acts as mouse. My maintenance ran out just before the change to windows ink, but I suspect it probably works well.