Author Topic: Missing information footer on all materials  (Read 1484 times)

Hey Guys,

For a couple of days now I've noticed that the blue information footer that appears when a material is clicked has disappeared.

The footer displays the file name, associated search terms, whether it's scanned or procedural, size in meters and most importantly download options. Meaning, it's again impossible to download an .sbs.

This is happening in multiple browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Opera)

Surely this is a website bug ? If so , can you please fix it ASAP.

See attached screenshot



Hi John,

I was able to reproduce the issue on a high density screen which looks like you have too when taking a look at your screenshot.
The problem has been fixed and will be pushed live very soon, however in the meantime you have two solutions to be able to work as usual:
- Reduce the size of the browser window
- Scroll in the popup with your mouse over the popup (it at least worked for me), it brings you to the bottom of the render with the info footer

On another subject, please do not post on multiple threads about the same issue, it is normal that I did not answer in a few hours as it was the weekend when you posted your issue.
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PO @ Allegorithmic

Hello Marion,

OK, the scroll trick worked - I'll be honest I didn't even notice the scroll bar...

But as for changing resolution as a temporary fix, cannot do that I'm afraid.

Here's hoping your web guys fix this ASAP as before your recent website changes, this wasn't an issue...


p.s. sorry for the multiple posts, I'll bear that in mind in future :)

Hello Marion,

Looking at this further, changing resolution or scrolling down to access the scrollbar still only gives access to sbsar not sbs...

Also, there is now no interactive window, that's disappeared as well which means there is no way to see the map types.


The sbs files are available for all procedural materials, and indeed if you are looking at materials from the latest drop they are scanned surfaces, so only the sbsar is available

The interactive 3D player will be back soon, we're updating it so it can support the materials made with the latest version of the Substance Engine
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PO @ Allegorithmic

Yes, how right you are ;) apologise for that Marion...