Author Topic: Choose Bitmap in sbsar  (Read 3431 times)

Maybe this exists, but I couldn´t figure it out. Just a beginner...
Is it possible to get a Bitmap-path filed for the Input Tweaks in sbsars?
So when I use a substance in, for example 3dsmax, I can choose/change a bitmap in there, and that substance works more like filter? I only managed a substance where you could at least drag&drop a texture in substance player.
If not possible, this is a feature  request  8)

The "Color Input" node actually creates a bitmap input where you can plug any bitmap dynamically from outside substance designer, in the player or in 3ds max.

Thanks, but this is the way I went, in the Player the slot for the bitmap shows up, but not in max. Tested with 2012&2013.
Is there anything more I have to do for the Color Input?

Ahhh, sometimes you gotta post to solve the issue.
The slate editor it is :-) Thanks for listening!

Yep, the old Compact editor makes it very difficult to work with inputs of any sort. Slate is indeed the way to go :)