Author Topic: Painter 2019.3.1 some layers don´t export 8K  (Read 268 times)

I´m working on a fairly big asset for a VR project. I started the project in an older version of Painter.
The asset has 5 different parts/materials and uses the PBR_Spec_Gloss shader.

Because we get pretty close to the object, I export most of the textures at 8K resolution. This has always worked fine, until the latest version of Painter.
I now have one part/material of which the Diffuse and the Glossiness export as one solid color (black and gray), the normal and height export fine. All the other parts/materials export fine as well.
If I lower the export resolution of that particular layer to 4K or lower, all channels export without problem.

There are no complains from Painter when I export on 8K, only that an opacity channel is missing, but I don´t even use opacity.

Could you share some screenshots of the issue ?
If you export only one Texture Set at a time, does it work ?
If you reduce the resolution to 1K in Substance Painter for all Texture Sets and then export to 8K, does it work ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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