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Hey guys, VERY VERY New to Substance. I'm working on my Senior project its a cross section of a British Warship from the 1700's. I need to texture it. I want to make just a couple of textures and then COPY and Paste them from one part of the object to another. Well not exactly I might have to make in the neighborhood of fifteen plus or so. But I want to use them throughout. IS this a FOOLS errand or is it doable for someone who doesn't know how to use SD? I want to do it in SD and not SP. Any thoughts would be helpful as I begin this journey. Thanks in advance. Jim The image I posted is a render within Maya.
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Little help on this guys? PLEASE

I think your post might be too ambiguous for people to answer, it might need to be fleshed out more to explain what it is you're trying to achieve.

Is your end goal to texture it quickly or to texture it in a specific way?
Why exactly are you fixated on Designer if you're new to it and not familiar with its workflow or limitations?

I need to texture each of these items. What's not to understand? I have them all separated and have the faces separated I need to texture them by the end of March. THE latest.

Making a material from scratch takes quite a lot of time, especially so if you're not familiar with the software.
Make an estimation of how long it takes you to make a material to an acceptable level of quality and make a total time estimation on that.

Personally I would just make a couple of materials for sections that can use tileable textures: large surfaces with simple geometry like the wooden floors, beams, hull etc.
For individual objects substance painter is really more ideal. Painter is really a lot quicker since you can build off of existing materials and use smart materials to quickly add a lot of detail.