Author Topic: Shader makes Material Pitch Black  (Read 151 times)

I'm using source engine shaders and my prop is black, I exported from 3ds max 2018, and if I switch my render to a different setting it works fine. I need to keep it in source engine because I am modelling specifically for source.

EDIT: I found out it has something to do with Base Color and Diffuse Channels. Even though they have materials in them in substance painter, when I export them they are black
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any updates on this? i suddenly started randomly suffering from this and it has to do with some of the pbr shaders. all the default shaders are broken like this except for random ones like pbr car paint and dota 2. also tried updating both gpu drivers and sub painter to no success

edit: so the solution for me was to reinstall gpu drivers and sub painter again, then restart your pc. thank goodness its an easy fix
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