Author Topic: UV Problem Substance Painter  (Read 156 times)

Hello, for a while I have been having a very odd and frustrating issue with substance painter. It is hard to describe, but whenever I import a model I have unwrapped, one single UV on it will stretch all the way across the UV map. Every single time it will do this, regardless of how the model was unwrapped. This particular model in the photos I unwrapped in Autodesk Maya. It does not have this stretched UV inside maya. only after importing into Substance painter. This stretched UV produces some annoying effects when texturing the model. Please, any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure that the UV island is entirely inside the 0-1 space? It looks really close to the edges, make sure it isn't over the edge.

I shrunk the UV's slightly and the problem is no more. You're a life saver.