Author Topic: Painting in UV view, paint crossing shells oddly.  (Read 37100 times)

When painting on the UV view, my paint will show up in other shells despite me not painting anywhere near it.  I believe that despite me painting in the UV view, it's still projecting in the 3d view.  I have done tests, and this appears to be the case. Here's and image illustrating it as best as I can.

Yes, it's a feature! :)
It allows you to paint seamlessly in 2D. You can deactivate it by switching your brush Alignement parameter to UV instead of Tangent.

I had that problem too when painting the pocket following the Hans tutorial and when trying quick masking, so if I'm painting top of pocket it jumps over to the leg and paints the pant leg.

My solution was to use the Geometry Decal Tool and select UV and manually click on the shells for the pocket.

During design, the UV mapping for the pockets or whatever else you wanna paint separately like that should probably be designed in pieces so you can select on those objects easily in Substance Painter to isolate them, and if you wanna paint across the texture set you can still do that too.

If you use 2D in Substance Painter, space your UV shells to where there's adequate gap to help prevent accidentally painting on the edges if you use a larger brush or you could use Jeremie's method.

UV Alignment helps isolate, but you can still paint to the otherside, so you could use a smaller brush with a higher hardness and zoom in closer, with a lower brush hardness and larger brush size along those edges it's easier to accidentally paint over.

Another option is to keep things separate more like with the texture set, depending what you're painting on.
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You could also use a mask and the object selection tool to select only those UVs you want to allow yourself to paint on. Allegorithmic has a couple of neat tutorials on their YouTube channel regarding this.

Thanks for the replies, it all makes sense!