Author Topic: How to refresh my Substance in Unity when exporting from Substance Designer?  (Read 783 times)

Hi, so I have a Substance that I exported to Unity and applied to my Mesh. That works fine. If I make tweaks in SD and re-publish, overwriting the Substance in Unity, my changes are not reflected. Even if I right-click my Substance in Unity and either choose "Refresh" or Reimport", those don't work. I have to delete the Substance in Unity, re-export from SD, and re-apply it to my mesh in order for it to work. Any thoughts on how to get it to update automatically?


Any thoughts?  Thanks.

I don't have an answer for you, and I'm working on a project deadline today, but if time permits tomorrow I'll see if I can replicate this problem in my environment. What you're doing used to work for me, and the reimport would happen automatically when I next focused the Unity main window. What Unity version do you have?