Author Topic: Create my own custom asset collections, how? if possible  (Read 831 times)

painter comes with MANY brush, materials etc, but most of the time I only use a few of them. I wonder how to make my own custom asset tab? so that it only shows the commonly used brush alpha and materials.  for example, I would only want metalA rubberB woodC and brushD shown under a tab.
If I could rename the existing assets I would add some sort of prefix, so that I could type that in the search bar, but I can not rename the assets.
asset manager like XMDToolbox for Zbrush is nice, but I can hardly expect that.
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I would also like an easy right click and "add to custom tab" option for this as it would be very useful.

Currently, the only workaround I know of is to select the brush, tool or material you want and then right click in the properties window and create a preset. Then you can rename everything you need with "custom" or something in the name and create a path filter for that word in the shelf window.

It's a lot of messing around but it should accomplish what you're asking. Still, would be much easier to just have a "add to tab" option and avoid having duplicates of brushes, tools etc.


thank you thank you very very much !!!!!
a simple right click would be nice, but the preset trick helps a lot for now.