Author Topic: Texel Density for a hero asset  (Read 1856 times)

Hi, so I am creating a highly detailed vehicle model that would be the hero asset but I have a few questions. First, I am using UDIMS and I'm questioning wether to use a 4k or 8k texture map (it's for film). Now, I have a problem because I know the camera will be close up on certain parts so I had to unwrap those parts with a higher telex density than other parts and I know that the general rule is to keep everything the same telex density. The only way I know I could do this is if I increased the map size to 8k so I can scale down the parts I previously scaled up. Another example would be the interior of the vehicle. There are buttons that will have close ups but the size difference is so much that I increased the telex density just for those parts. I just need some suggestions as to what is the correct workflow in UDIMS for a hero asset that needs lots of detail everywhere.
Thanks, Sky

I feel like the mesh density of your model is not detail as the 8k texture for each UV. I suggest making several separate parts. I expect a model with 65.000 poly mesh for each 8K UV mapping texture. Because of the smoothness of the surface that reflects the real esthetic intention of that particular Industrial designer. You can separate parts and make them hero parts. Regards Alan Mattano