Author Topic: bug: fbx highres lowres and obj lowres follow different orientation and scaling  (Read 905 times)

now that you guys have acquired medium,you'll fix that i'm sure
make a model in medium
export highres as fbx for the vertex colors
export highres as obj for balancer which only speaks obj
reduce in balancer because it's so good export the reduced obj
drop that obj in substance and bake with the fbs as highres
the models are oriented and scaled differently so the result is black maps for normals, id and ao
makes me sad
solution: probably substance reads the custom vertex format that medium uses for obj?
definitely adding more options to import to fix all these orientation jokes (the best jokes)

PS: I love substance painter and I'll end up buying it so don't mess this up

in the same bag of import export, exporting a mesh only works in obj, fbx please and the obj, instead of keeping all materials merged, split material per mesh, which results, in unity, in many materials in the importer instead of one
i think import export could use a bit of love, that would sure make my life easier.