Author Topic: I need help with baking clean AO.  (Read 1346 times)

I need help with baking much more decent AO map. I've prepared a simple example for it.
As shown below, I made two separated geometries and put them in same texture set.

I've set Self Occlusion to 'Always' in order to get ambient occlusion effect on the area where two geometries meet.
But I found some white pixels on the intersection. I really want them to be filled with complete gray so that the objects look solid and united.

May I ask how I can fix it?

PS. I've checked the post 'How to request help about baking' now. I'm sorry I didn't follow the rule.
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Set 'Distribution' to 'Uniform' in the AO baker settings.

Set 'Distribution' to 'Uniform' in the AO baker settings.
I gave it a try as you told in addition to set 'Ignore Backface' unchecked and then got great result!!!
Thanks for your support.
Happy new year:)