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So I posted this in Product Support, guess it is the wrong place thus no one replied, lol. Now I post this again, after a few days I was able to achieve many things I want. There is still the last problem though. So here is the thought: I want to create a dynamic substance for showcasing textures by just plugging in the textures through and export out a single sheet of image.

I used FX Map to setup a dynamic mask for 1-8 slot textures, this mask can later mask out area for each different texture using different color like this:

Now, I am at the stage where I want to have labels for each slot, and these labels should be changed dynamically based on my channel input, I did use 2 different input images for for testing:

I am able to put labels on each slot, can change label based on input channels, but it changes from the first input image to the 2nd input image for all iteration at once. What I want is I should be able to change the input image for each iteration independently, pretty much like the texture showcase substance from Battle of Titans contest in this forum.

In a nutshell, I want to switch input images for each iteration independently based on my input.

So how can I achieve that? Any tip would be appreciated.

Here is the FX graph, where I host function graph within the color mask quadrant.

I also attached here the .sbs file in case anyone needs to understand what I did.

So guys...No one can answer my concern? Is it that difficult? I doubt that as the talented people at Allegorithmic were able to put up the substance for showcasing textures during the Battle of Titans contest, so it should be some simple solution that I haven't found myself. I want to create this just to learn more about how powerful function nodes and fx-map can give me...

Here is the substance I created for the Titan contest template.
As you will see it's much more "brute force" and manual than a FXMap :)

Hey Jeremie,
Thanks for you reply. I will check it out tonight for sure.  ;D

UPDATE: Already checked out the substance. I have never thought of using Multi Switch node, in fact I didn't know its existence until now, :). Things are simpler this way.

Also, as I have been working with FX map, do you think I can achieve a similar result with my current FX Map above? It seems my logic is working, but it doesn't work when I apply using function graphs. I feel like I am hitting a wall over and over again despite the fact that I have gone through the functions and double-checked everything, it must be some error I have overlooked...:(