Author Topic: Can't download from multi-download dropdown on source  (Read 3442 times)

I'm able to download .sbsar files from the thumbnail browser view, but if I click on a substance and try to download either .sbsar or .sbs from the "download" dropdown in the corner, nothing happens.  I need to download .sbs files and can't.  I've tried in chrome, firefox, and edge. Is anyone else having this problem?

or - Is there a way to direct download .sbs files from within designer or another app?

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I have exactly the same issue.  Need to get at my SBS and can't pull them down.  Seems like an issue with the Source website as it's happening in multiple browsers without popup blockers.

For a workaround, grab the beta of the Substance Launcher app and you should be able to download them through that.

I posted this to the wrong forum - there's a long post on the proper forum about it here:,31859.msg121899.html#msg121899