Author Topic: I don't understand UDIM baking  (Read 1072 times)

Hi all,

Sorry for the dumb question, but how does baking udim work? I did read on it as much as I found, but it doesn't work for me?
I always get black or dark grey, un-texturable parts after baking. It only works well when I have a single UV tile at origin.

Thank you.
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'It doesn't work for me' is not enough information, you need to provide more details about your project. Post screenshots of your project, your UV layout, and baking settings.

Did you lay out your UVs in tiles, and did you create the Painter project with 'Create a texture set per UDIM tile' activated?

It seems that the create texture set per udim did the trick. I thought I tried it, but apparently not.

Thank you for helping.