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Hey. a very nooby question I guess. It is the first time I'm using Substance Painter and not ZBrush to create my materials for my game in Unity3D, and I'm very unexperienced. Yet, until now, everything worked fine for me so I didn't bother looking into the documentations.

Now I wanted to paint an armour I created in ZBrush, but it does seem like not all parts of the model are able to be painted in the Texture Map, they're just not there.

I hope one can explain this to me and also fix it!

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You're not giving enough information to be sure. My first guess would be you need to fix UV's

Well, which information can I give you then? As I said, I've just started using the program.
I don't really know what the cause for the problem is, just that I can't paint at the edges, and I would like to know
the reason for that. I can provide you all information, but I don't know what is needed.

I'm talking about those coloured but not textured areas at the bottom of the model and at the position where the arms would come through. And what do you mean by "fixing" the UV's? I think that this is rather broad-stretched.


Could you please attach a screenshot with all your Texture Sets? It is possible that the rest of your armour is on a different Texture Set, and you may need to merge the two before reimporting the mesh back into Painter if you want to paint the whole armor all together.

Valeria Gerontopoulos
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I've already made sure that everything is on one texture set. But I'll attach the screenshot, maybe I have missed something.

Oh, sorry for wasting your time. Something is wrong with my model... Thank you nonetheless!

No worries! Don't hesitate if you have any questions :)
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Product Designer | 3D Artist