Author Topic: Is there a way to get more than 2 digits of decimal precision?  (Read 2170 times)

Hi there,

I just made a substance to apply a flat shadow to SPainter layers, but I am having great difficulties placing it in a different position than the source, as an offset value of 0.01 is waaaaay too much.
I would need a precision of at least 3 digits, but with 4K maps probably 5 or 6 digits would be better.

Also, it would really, really be great to have a Move tool in Substance Painter, that allows you to set float2 (offset) values visually, instead of guessing the position manually.


You would probably be better off dividing the value in a function in SD when building the substance, it will be much easier to manipulate in SP afterwards.

Thank you Jeremie, I ended up trying 2 different solutions.

One is a function that converts pixel units to the proper offset values, and the other is to add a "precision" slider that does what you said.

I like the solution with pixels better, but probably that is going to give me some problems if I then decide to switch resolution in SPainter.