Author Topic: Wacom pen deadzone when dragging sliders or color pickers.  (Read 1028 times)

I have a deadzone when trying to use wacom pen to drag sliders. Nothing i've tried with windows seems to work short of disabling windows ink in the wacom mapping settings. but then there is no pressure sensitivity in SP.

Is there a way to get SP to detect pressure when windows ink is off?

Everything is up to date. Intuos pro M pth-660. Windows 10 Pro 1903
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eh...just forget it...i just wont bother with my tablet until there a reasonable fix...what an annoyance... i blame microsoft by the way, so dont fret. keep rocking it, Algorithmic.

I'm just done wasting time on something that should be trivial. windows pen support for creators is garbage.

Edit: seems it is somewhat the fault of substance for updating to only use windows ink and breaking pressure sensitivity for when it's off. i've reverted to 2019.2.3 for a hopefully short time while it gets sorted out.

Cant expect microsoft to fix Windows Ink so we'll just have to wait for them to provide a way to have pressure sensitivity without it.

Can we just have a setting in the preferences so we dont have to make an obscure text file like you do with photoshop? thanks a bunch.
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