Author Topic: Automatic UV Unwrap not working properly  (Read 1429 times)

Hey guys  :),
Since the 2019.3.0 update I'm trying to use the Automatic UV Unwrap tool, but every time it comes out with an incorrect result, I've tried to use models of varying complexity, differents file formats (.fbx, .obj and .3ds) and I also tried models created in 3ds max and Blender, all give different results compared to what I saw from other people.
I tried to use updates 2019.3.0, 2019.3.2 and 2019.3.3, all with identical results.

This is the result I'm getting trying to use the tool in a cube.

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Right now the unwrap process doesn't handle this kind of meshes (like very simple cubes), we are aware of it and trying to see what we could do about it.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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