Author Topic: Instantiate layer within same texture set?  (Read 698 times)

Is there any way to instantiate a material fill layer within the same texture set?

An example would be:
Layer 1: Denim Heavy wear
Layer 2: Denim light wear
Layer 3: Denim base material

My current workflow is to layer the same material 3 times (normal and height info off for layer 1 and 2) and then just black mask in wherever I want the light and heavy wear. The wear layers are just the base material with hue, saturation, luminescence and roughness all tweaked to emulate a certain level of wear or material damage.

The problem with this workflow is if I decide to change the colour of the material, or even the material itself, I need to change it separately for each layer. Ideally, I would like to have each layer be an instance of layer 3 so I only have to change that one. As the wear affects are done using layer filters, the base material instance could remain untouched.

Is this possible in SP at the moment? If not, is there an easier workflow to achieve the same thing I'm describing here?