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I don't know if it's normal or not, but i'm watching a tutorial of a previous version of Substance Painter, and the problem is that i don't have any parameters.

The case is : he put a "Grunge Splashes Dusty" map in the roughness channel of a fill layer (witch contains only this channel activated) and he has a lot of parameters "Dust 1 intensity", "Dust 2 intensity", etc and i don't have any of them. Some map doesn't have any parameters (just "Seed", 'Tiled by ratio", Invert" and that's all).

I don't know how to modify proceduraly my maps so. And even the balance doesn't work because it doesn't spread on the surface, it seem to be limited by a mask and all the changes are in the pattern. The only thing i can do to change the pattern is to "scale" the map.

But what i really don't understand is : where are the parameters ???? How can i do a procedural things without it on any  grunges maps or else ??

Thanks a lot.

This is his version with the parameters of the same map place at the same roughness channel.

And this is the map without any parameters.

I'm just lost and i don't know what to do.

Hi Jean,

Is this an official tutorial from Substance Academy? Could you please give me a link where I can find it?
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Product Designer | 3D Artist

Hi Valeria,

It's not an official video from Substance Academy.

This is a video from a training course i've purchased, so i can't give the link.

But the trainer provided the smart material, and when i looked at it the parameters were there. I try again to put the grunge texture in the roughness channel but i still had the problem. I also try to put the grunge texture into the material mode, but i've the "forbidden" icon whitch apprears.
I don't know how i did to have the grunge texture in the material mode to get the parameters.

Hi again Jean,

The reason, I think, is that the instructor is using an .sbsar substance he created himself in Substance Designer (but very possibly using the grunge map of the same name), he likely added the parameters he needed himself, and that is why he is able to put it in the material slot. If he/she provides the material in the .sbsar format, then you should be able to use it in the material slot.

The map in our shelf in not an .sbsar, and hence can only be used in the individual "map" slots, like base color, roughness or other.
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Product Designer | 3D Artist

It's make sense, maybe the map come from Designer because when i look his smart material in my Substance, i can't open of find his map. It's available and there is the parameters, but i can't find the location of the map used.

The thing is that the smart material file is a .SPSM and the trainer made the texture from scratch. He said "This is Substance reseted" (maybe as "I just installed it and didn't touched it just like you"), and he didn't talk about substance designer.

The course come from there (it's french) :,87821.html

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi again Jean,

I followed the link you sent and, yes, as you said, the instructor is using the 2.6.1 version of Painter. It is possible that since then some resources from the shelf were changed and reworked in order to optimize them.

You should access to earlier versions of Substance Painter however. If you log in to your account on the website, then go to Licenses, find Substance Painter 2, then click on All Builds, you'd be able to download the version that the instructor is using.

You can also just use the current map in the roughness channel, even if it doesn't have all the parameters, I suppose it should do just for training purposes.
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Valeria Gerontopoulos
Product Designer | 3D Artist

Hi Valeria,

Thanks for your explainations ! For the moment i'll keep the last update for training.

Thnaks a lot for your time and happy new years !