Author Topic: Pressure Sensitivity requies "Windows Ink" - Please change that!  (Read 2620 times)

Newsflash - Windows Ink is horrible. Everyone who draws/uses tablet for navigation on daily basis knows that.
Please, make it so you don't need to have it enabled for pressure sensitivity to work!

Being a HUION tablet user, I can't setup windows ink for only specific program.
And I can't work with Windows Ink enabled. No, disabling annoying features of it DOESN'T HELP! It still makes each stroke freeze a little.
For me (AND 90% OF OTHER ARTISTS) having it disabled is only way to work with tablet. I'm baffled QA passed this major issue.

Definitely needs to be changed again, I agree.

I now can't even mark text, open links, or scroll down using middle-pen-click in the browser, apart from loads of other annoying stuff like laggy sliders ect (feels in Painter like the slider is stuck in place and you first need to break it away) and those unnecessary pop-up windows.

I would have to activate it for Painter each time exclusively. Windows Ink, what a bad idea.
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Perhaps there's a way that Substance Painter can be setup to use wintab when it starts up?

I'm using a Wacom Intuos 3 and Windows Ink always messes with operation.

iam not sure what the issue is on my cintiq. But i disavled the so called Windows Freihand which i asume is windows ink.
Now i dont have pressure sensitivity.
If i activate Freihand again, i have that legendary ugly white circle on every rmb click in Painter..

-what i first missed was the alpha preview., but i got it now from the brush dropdown upper left,
-next is hardness radius on the brush preview on canvas/ it wont get smaller as it used to be.
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I wonder if they gonna do anything about this.
Windows ink pres delay makes using a tablet a nightmare, you cant change brush color or size fast since you have to move the pen half a screen away before it registers making something that took less than half a second before into a complete time waster.

This one of the most bizzare and user unfriendly changes in what has tobe the most buggy version in a while, everything from rendering to backwards compatibility seems to be broken in some way or another.
Windows ink is something thats giving me problems in zbrush and photshop for good 5 years now, and now the same problem came to substance...

Just have to toss it out there that every issue mentioned here has been my experience with windows ink. Any dragging UI interaction is terrible and choppy with a giant deadzone. Even moving the camera in the 3d/2d viewport is really choppy, yet perfectly smooth with a mouse. Photoshop had similar issues until I forced it to use wintab.
I'm using a Wacom Intuos 5.

It'd be nice if windows ink wasn't so awful though...

I too am running into the lagging slider issue. I use a Wacom Intuos 5 (updated drivers, as is my GPU). The problem started today once I updated to the latest version of painter. Even with windows ink enabled my tablet works fine in Photoshop - pressure sensitivity and even when using the sliders. But in substance painter I get huge lag on sliders, as someone else mentioned, there is a "dead zone" and then suddenly the slider snaps across to my pen tip. When I disable windows ink, I lose all benefits of tablet pressure but the sliders no lag in painter. So it does seem to be related to the windows ink option.

We now have a documentation page with recommended settings to configure Windows Ink and make it compatible with Substance Painter :

If you still have issues after following those recommendations, please post :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

alright, what the heck. I double checked my settings and they were all set to the suggested values from trying to fix these issues in the past, so I didn't actually need to change anything. I gave Painter a try with my tablet anyways and now all the issues I had are gone and pressure sensitivity still works.

Only issue that remains is a 30 pixel dead zone on sliders before that snap to the cursor position, though I  have that issue in photoshop and blender. I assume that's more on windows side and probably considered a "feature".

Well hopefully it doesn't start acting up again. If it does I guess I'll have to figure out what's causing it, but I'll take magically fixed for now. :)

Dang Froyok that issue is one of the ugliest yet. Iam really on the side of your product, but what the ***
ok, Ill try it, i really do.
So i went thorugh the doc (had recieved this over email support),so far so good.

1st thing, i still have that white circle on my Cintiq 27qhd drivers: 6.3.31-4 . And no i dont want to upgrade to 6.3.38-2 as we all know that there is one thing Wacom ALWAYS screws up. Its the freakin drivers!

So if you have another solution then update your drives iam listening.

edit: just testet in Photoshop, affinity and zbrush, all have pressure sensitivity and no white circle, Subtance painter is the only one that sports that.
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yeah what the heck
forced to use 2019.2.3 now >:(

Please add option to not use Windows ink. We may look like minoruty of users but were just the part of them that spoke up.

I do get a white circle when holding right click with my pen. It seems to be some default windows ink feature. Though I don't get it in every application. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

To add to the recommended tablet settings. I recently found a cause for lag at the start of my brush strokes when using windows ink for wacom tablets. In the Wacom Tablet Properties  setting "Tip double click distance" to "Off" under pen settings solved one of the long standing issues I had.

We now have a documentation page with recommended settings to configure Windows Ink and make it compatible with Substance Painter

I have never had any problems/ pressure sensitivity issues or whatever with any applications - apart from the new Painter versions - with Windows Ink deactivated. None. With Windows Ink activated, I am experiencing all kinds of extremely annoying behaviors, like the sticky sliders in Painter I mentioned above, and the fact that I can't use the pen tablet to use the internet browser (Chrome) conveniently: all the behavior I am used to doesn't work anymore, I can't scroll web pages using middle-mouse (pen) button. I can't even mark text because the pen gesture registers as some superfluous shortcut. What a joke.

Windows Ink is a major annoyance! I don't see why we should be forced to activate this for Substance Painter exclusively, when we had this deactivated for years for obvious reasons. You should make this an option that can be toggled on or off, depending on whether the user actually experiences problems or not.
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anyone got rid of that white circle by following the instructions here?

-wacom cintiq qhd 27" first model
-latest SP version
-latest Nvidia drivers
-latest wacom drivers 6.3.38-2
-windows Ink activated

= lags when clicking into sliders and dragging them + white circle on right click

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