Author Topic: What the hell with Substance Painter, version 2019.3.0 Build 3530 - da0fcd911314  (Read 855 times)

This software is UNUSABLE: crash, freeze, unresponsive. My config: 32GBytes memory I7 and nVidia 8GBytes!

Is it possible to got back to previous version ? I cant work with it !!!!

I reply to myself for install an older version:

go to account
licences tab

there you can access old versions.
Thank to the support who gave me this information

You can also install older versions through the launcher. Click the arrow next to "Launch" and pick a different version for it to install

If you do experience further issues, please do not hesitate to attach your log and send us a crash report. Without this kind of information, it would be impossible to diagnose the issue unfortunately.
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Product Designer | 3D Artist