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What happened with being able to select colors outside of the substance window? If this is no longer an option, what do you suggest for selecting custom colors?

I'm using 2019.3 and still able to select outside the SP window - just tested to be sure.
I dont have enough people words to make it understand you the way it understands me

For some reason it doesn't work with one of the monitors.
I have a total of three monitors connected, 2 that are the same model and the other is a cintiq. It color picker works on the cintiq and the monitor that substance painter is on. But the color picker selects black on the other monitor.

I can confirm that color picker cannot select colors from a second monitor (dual monitor setup)

I can confirm the Color Picker behaviour has changed, as far as my perception, from earlier versions of Substance. Currently, 2019.3.3 on Windows 10, the color picker only gets colors from the same monitor outside it's window. (If you have Substance maximized on monitor 1, you have to minimize and pick from same monitor)
Old behaviour was simply work with Substance in the main monitor, and color pick from anywhere, including a second monitor.
Not sure what changed, but this is some important functionality for me and was very handy.
Would like some investigation into this bug please.