Author Topic: UE4 4.24  (Read 5067 times)

Do you have a time-frame when the plugin will be available for 4.24?



We are working on getting 4.24 out ASAP. I talked to the team yesterday and I'd like to see us submit this week. I will double-check again on this.


Hey Wes, just wondering if there was any updates on when to expect this..? It's been a couple of weeks since you posted this and many of us were hoping to get this Plugin update before Christmas. I'm guessing that you guys have had Christmas and New Year's Eve and Day off so I was just wondering when we can all expect this to be updated? During this next week, maybe?

wouldn't it make sense to start working on the plugin updates as soon as a preview was released?
If Adobe needs some help to get this managed... feel free to give me a call.  ;D cheers

It's now available to install! Woo hoo! Got there in the end lol ;D

Can we get a direct download link as well?

For those of us using source builds of the engine having the plugin only available via the marketplace is a huge inconvenience.