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Hi there.

I'm using a custom mesh to make my texture but the height preview does not look nice. The mesh is not very dense. Using SD's own meshes I can preview the height just right. How subdivided has to be my custom mesh to be able to see nice hight information? Or I can tesselate custom meshes on SD?

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In the 3d view, you can use Display>wireframe to see how dense the existing meshes are.
When you select the tesselation shader (or if it's already selected: Material>[material name]>Edit) there is also a slider to raise tesselation factor, but it has an upper limit, so you do need some amount of tesselation in your mesh already.

Hi Eggfruit.

Thanks for the reply. Yes. There is a tesselation option on the display. Max is 5. For now, is ok as it is the only preview.

Another question about imported mesh. Do you know how to reverse the normals, or if there is an option for it? My imported mesh gets inverted. Importing from Maya. 

CG generalist at @digi_fix animation studio located in Osaka, Japan.

Oh, you mean with Iray. (My previous comments were about the OpenGL renderer, just to avoid any confusion.)

You can type in a bigger number to get more than 5 steps of tesselation.

I don't believe there is an option to invert normals. I dont work with maya but Fbx files should work correctly if exported correctly in my experience, though you may be using different settings.

It could be something else: Make sure you have a normal map plugged in to a normal map output (even if its just an empty normal node). An empty output is always considered as a black image, which of course looks very wrong if this happens to the normal output.