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Hey all,

Have been debating grabbing a higher VRAM GPU for helping in processing task. Currently have 8GB VRAM and looking at a GPU with 16GB. So has anyone done testing to see if there is a major performance increase in a jump in VRAM?

Am mainly using Designer for scan processing. So loading in baked maps and processing them. 8K is working right now but takes some time on my processing graph and uses a lot of RAM(50GB+). Would even like to get 16K working is possible. Would an extra 8GB VRAM help out the 8K and possibly make 16K work?

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So to answer my own question, yes. VRAM of 8GB-16GB makes a big difference and I would bet even the VRAM type matters.

Before swapping GPUs tested a scan processing graph at 8K and I gave it 10 minutes with the rendering graph not moving past half. When I did process it before it did finish eventually but took around 40 minutes.

Put in a new Radeon VII, yeah yeah I know but it was on sale and has double the VRAM. Processed it at 8K with the Radeon 7 and it again used up most of the RAM a all the VRAM but this time it processed in less than 5 minutes.

That is quite a difference and am actually surprised how fast it was. Doubt this graph would finish at 16K but will also test that eventually.

So long story shot am very happy I took a chance and grabbed the Radeon 7 and know that an even greater VRAM card like the Titan RTX would be a great investment in the future.

I appreciate you posting an update, as I've been curious about the results myself.

I know there's other factors that contributed towards the faster process time, but just to clarify; are you saying it took 40 min with 8GB and 5 min with the 16GB?

What was the other card that you used?

Hi NevTD,

Yeah I was more than surprised with that difference. The other two cards I tested were the GTX 1080(Evga FTW) and GTX 2080(MSI Gaming X TRIO).

A note though that the 2080 was tested on another machine but with similar performance and the same RAM amount(64GB).

Did expect the extra VRAM to help, but also expected a bit of a handicap because Substance definitely leans towards Nvidia. Guess though that 16GB just makes that much of a difference. Possibly also the HBM2 bandwidth but really do not know enough about the difference to be certain of that.

Will be doing more testing over the next couple weeks and will note anything here worth mentioning.


Edit- Also I tested a scan processing graph. So is a graph with baked maps inputted and sent through different processes to make a material. So it is not a normal procedural graph.
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This is good to hear, hopefully we can do some render testing on my end to determine if it's worth going RTX over a Radeon VII.

Thanks again for reporting your findings.