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If I clear all your split normals data on both and I just leave Auto Smooth I get:

If I do some manual corrections I get something like this (I only did a quick test for matching):

Then pre-bake:

Post bake:

Again, this is because of matching issues between the low and high, poor geometry and edge support.

For testing sake if I didn't add smoothing groups you would get a result like you experienced prior:

Bake without smoothing groups on low:

Your goal is to aim for the best possible match when doing a low poly version and utilize smoothing groups as needed. I don't use Maya by the way so I cannot provide feedback on any settings or workflows within it. There could be certain ways you need to work with Maya so maybe someone who uses Maya can provide input.

May I know what do you mean by you clear all my split normal data? I don't really understand this part. I know blender has a function of clear normal data, but I am unsure about it in maya.

May I know what mannual correction you did so that when you bake the seamline is gone?

I shall trying reading online about smoothing groups and workflows in maya

I am really thankful for your help!
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I wasn't sure if you were exporting everything as you actually wanted or not, but to test things I just cleared it all and re-did my smoothing groups on the low poly. I didn't touch the high poly version though. I'm aware that there are different workflows that utilize edge creasing, and bevel weighting, smoothing, ect... on the high poly versions but I'm not going to get into all of that at this point. My goal was to show you that if you don't match your high and low correctly you will get errors, and if you don't use smoothing groups on certain parts you'll see those sharp edges in your bake.

I don't know enough about Maya to assist with anything Maya related.

All I did to correct it was to clear any normal data, smooth out the entire low poly, then define sharp edges to match up with the high poly. If you leave it fully smoothed out it wont match, and if you leave it flat you'll have hard edges everywhere and it will bake as per my last image.

Above all make sure you're exporting objects out of Maya that are actually looking how you intended prior to using them in Painter, or any other application.

Hi, sorry for the late reply! I had been trying out lots of methods.
I have finally gotten what I wanted even though I wasn't able to bake high poly on my low poly mesh.
I have used the smoothing groups properly and it turns out much better than expected!
Currently now I am trying to put on color for the mesh on substance painter!
Thanks alot!!