Author Topic: Substance filters in Photoshop  (Read 231 times)

I'd love to see Substance plugin for Photoshop . SD filters working like live adjustments on smart objects
And anchor styled links in between layers and masks.

I am lacking  gazillion of "invisible" conveniences Photoshop provides , invisible until you  realize you are lacking them a lot in both Painter and Designer  and you wasting lots of time trying to construct them from nodes or re-do existing nodes. Still they never work same good, loose dependencies, you waste time to maintain them after new releases etc.

Would probably just be so much easier to have custom SD tools you usually do, like all those cracks,  pattern generators, wraps  etc  working just as  live adjustments over smart objects in Photoshop  with  convenience of Photoshop own  gradient library , adjustment curves, mesh deform,  with all those  cool "pick" buttons, patch tool and content aware and so on and on

After all you are same company now.