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I'm having this issue with Edge Detect where Edge Detect doesnt seem to actually detect edges in a coherent way.

I've tried adjusting the Cell generator so that there are multiple shades not touching, I figured that might help have it actually differentiate edges but no luck.

I've also played with scale up to 4K and its had no effect.

This is in Substance Designer 2017.1.1

Set the edge roundness parameter to 0.
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It doesnt accomplish too much, unfortunately.

I've tried playing around with just about every parameter I can find, from trying SSE2 as an Engine instead of Direct3D 10, messing with the resolutions and everything.

The Edge Detect problem persists through other noise generators too.

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Anyone got anything?  :'(


The Edge Detect output is caused by uneven greyscale values across the 'Cells 4' shapes. You can check that for yourself using the 'Information' icon in the 2D View while the 'Cells 4' output is displayed, and moving the mouse pointer across one shape. The RGB values should subtly change. The Edge Detect will pick up on that change, resulting in the output you reported.

To circumvent that limitation, you can use a 'Tile Generator' node to spread simple dots and use the random settings for the Luminance variation. If necessary, make sure the filtering mode of the 'Tile Generator' is set to 'Nearest' in order to ensure the dots stay uniform and consistent.

Then use a 'Distance' node to spread the greyscale values of each dot, and you should have a functional equivalent of the 'Cells 4' node, which should play nicer with the 'Edge Detect' node.

Please note these issues do not appear in more recent versions of Substance Designer (i.e. version 2018 and upward).

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