Author Topic: Importing a file I saved yesterday crashes the new SP version that came out toda  (Read 908 times)

I just downloaded and installed the new version of SP.
When I attempt to open a file I made yesterday (spent 6 hours on) SP crashes.
When I attempt to open ANY previous file, SP crashes.

So all of my previous work is USELESS now....

Thanks Obama!


Which OS are you using: Windows or Mac OS X?

Head of Product Management

Hi I sent in some sample project files this morning.

I'm running on OSX Mavericks.
2012 MacBook Pro Retina i7, 8Gigs Ram Nvidia GeForce GT 650M

As you probably saw in my other posts, it not only crashes on opening old project, but just about ANY operation in the app itself. Half of the time the app will just crash when trying to launch it.

I have tried with other apps running, and rebooting and it being the only one.

I hope you can come to some resolution soon, if you would like to contact me offline I can setup a goto meeting and your team can remote view.