Author Topic: Patterns not seamless, Please help ;)  (Read 1255 times)


I am rendering belts (retractable belts - think "seatbelts") I got my patterns down and its looking good however when i import into maya, I am getting a seam.

When I preview my first pattern nodes in SD, I can already see a seam. To make my pattern I am blending Horizontal stripes and 45 degree angle stripes (200).

Strange thing is I am already seeing breakage in the seam when I simply preview my first stripe node.

Is there a better way to build this pattern?  How Can I fix the seam?

Substance 2018.3.3
Maya 2019
Arnold 5

Last Edit: November 19, 2019, 06:17:24 pm

This is likely a result of how few pixels there are per stripe. 200 stripes over a resolution of 1024x1024 means each stripe has 5.12 pixels to work with. This means in most spots it will be 5 pixels wide and occasionally 6 pixels wide.
You can see this more clearly if you turn of the 'filtering' button on the stripes node.

A workaround is to first make the pattern just 50 stripes and scale it up 4x with a transform node. This way the difference gets smoothed out much more nicely.

And by the way, what you see in your 2d view is just a visual glitch on the border between the main 2d-view and the repetitions. If you zoom in you'll it's not actually there.