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The Substance Plugin for Houdini lets you load Substance Archive files (SBARs) into Houdini in COPs (the Houdini texturing context). This gives you the ability to chain Substance nodes together, feed the output of Substance graphs to all parts of Houdini (Terrains, Materials, Geometry) and many other workflows.

We have worked closely with the SideFX labs team to provide the best integration between the 2 powerhouses of proceduralism, and will continue to do so as we support it.

The plugin is initially released only for the Windows Platform. Linux will be released shortly after the Houdini 18.0 launch and Mac will follow shortly after that.

You can download the latest plugin here.

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Any information on when the H18 Linux plugin will be released?

is there any tutorial or document about the substance plugin?

I've seen a number of questions about integrating Substance with Houdini (I have Indie 18.0.416) - some with several thousand views - but I haven't seen a tutorial or simple set of instructions that spells things out.

Does anyone know if this pipeline currently working? 

If so, would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain a very basic use case would allow a .sbar that has been published from Substance Designer to be loaded onto a grid or cube in Houdini.

When I attach a SideFX Substance node to an object and navigate to a .sbar file, my object turns white in the viewport and renders pink - and I get multiple 'unable to load texture' warnings in the console (pasted below).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

[12:20:20] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/NORM'
[12:20:20] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/DIFF'
[12:20:20] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/METAL'
[12:20:20] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/ROUGH'