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Hello there

My goal is to create PBR maps from a very large scan result ( 16k x 8k )
I know that SA can't handle this kind of large of pictures ( don't know why .. :( ) but it's the only product that don't create awful patern, so i tried the next workflow

Divide my large bitmap in multiple bitmaps - generate maps with SA - stitch them in photoshop - export as a big file.

Nice idea ! but bad result !

don't know why but alchemist generate some unwanted lights on my normals. On the side of them to be precise,
As you can see on the three top screenshot of my pictures, I have a non existant shape on my normal that cause very very bad stitch result ( as you can see below , on the left, the stitching, on the right the continuous diffuse )
Is this problem come from the heightmap ?

Someone have an idea ?
solution, other workflow, ... IDK what to do :(

Have a good day !


SA can't handle more than 4K images due to internal limitations and GPU limitations. 8K is a target but we're not ready for that today.

How are you doing your normal stitching? Basic stitching won't work as the normal contains local details. So when you're computing the normal of a patch, you don't know the local details of the next patch and this can introduce some issues.

Do you have an overlap between your patches?
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Hello Baptiste,

Thanks for this quick answer.

I also tried this method, it's better but there are some differences A - AB - B patches, and, also, it's very very looong method because there are 8 sectors and 16 overlaps ...

I think i'll have to wait dev for very large bitmap :/

Thanks again ;)